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Q801: Where can I get CCITT test patterns?

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Where can I get CCITT test patterns?

There are CCITT fax test patterms.

The earlier CCITT (now ITU-T) fax test charts are in the 1988 Blue Book Volume VII Fascimile VII.3 (available from CCITT document distributors: UN, ANSI, Omnicom, others?) designated T.20 and T.21. T.20 and T.21 are being replaced by T.22. I assume that T.22 is also available from ITU-T document distributors, but it may not as the distribution of Recommendations often lags the Recommendation completion by substantial times (6 to 12 months). Be sure to ask for completed T.22, not drafts.

All these Recommendations are physical images, not electronic.

There is also work, almost complete, on a Recommendation "T.test-images" which will be published in electronic form (CD-ROM). I would need to check if the images are also available in any standard file formats. images are also available in any standard file formats.

I am technical editor of Communications Standards Review which report on the work in different ITU-T Study Groups and US technical committees including SG 8 where the test charts are developed. Subscribers to Communications Standards Review can acquire draft documents. We prefer not to provide drafts to non-subscribers:

  1. We don't make any money for our efforts
  2. Concern that the draft they have will change without their knowledge.

For information on subscribing to CSR ($795.00 per year) contact E. Baskin, fax +1 415 856-6591, tel +1 415 856-9018

An incomplete scanned set of the CCITT test images are available at:

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