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Q802: where I can get more info on T.30 T2 timeout errors?

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T.30 T2 timeout errors - where I can get more info on?

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 09:55:38 EDT
From: Glenn Burkhardt < >
Subject: Re: REMOTE HANGUP: T.30 T2 timeout errors

> From: John T Wilder 312C M 209387 
> To:
> Subject: REMOTE HANGUP: T.30 T2 timeout errors
> We've had a few instances of T2 timeout errors when receiving
> faxes.  Can someone explain what these timeout codes mean and 
> tell me where I can get more info on them?
> 	.....
The error codes are documented in the TIA/EIA-592 spec (Asynchronous Facsimile
DCE Control Standard - Service Class II), available from Global Engineering
Documents (800 854 7179)

You can also try to get the file "tr29fax.txt" on MultiTech's bulletin board.
However, there's really not a lot of infomation other than the text that
Hylafax prints out.  To really understand what's happened, you also need to 
be familiar with the CCITT T.30 spec (also available from Global).

Even then, when I was having this problem with the ZDX, it took a MultiTech
engineer to figure out what the problem was and how to correct it.

You should contact MultiTech support, and determine if you can adjust the
carrier detect threshold on the MT1932ZDX in the same way you can on the
MT2834ZDX (viz., atS38=35), and see if it helps.

Also, they might have a firmware upgrade that will let you use 2D encoding.

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