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Q901: Re: Fax to FAx through Internet ?

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Re: Fax to FAx through Internet ?

Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 09:15:31 +0100
From: "Mr. Arlington Hewes" <>
Subject: Re: Fax to FAx through Internet ?

> > I wonder if it's possible to send fax (fax to fax) through Internet.  Would
> > anyone pls advise ?  Thanks.
> Take a look at
> Everything is done through e-mail.  There is no guarantee for delivery (if
> the area isn't supported as a non-long distance call) and no way to
> get it done immediately.  But it works (from what I read at least :-)

;-)  It works, . . . and in some cases on a lightly loaded cell can even be 
immediate, contrary to what you suggest above.  HOWEVER, . . . we do not do 
FAX to FAX, which is what the original poster was after.

*beep* this has been a public service announcement (sorry Sam for irrelevance)


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