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Q902: PPP autodetection in faxgetty ?

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PPP autodetection in faxgetty ?

Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 15:41:20 -0600 (CST)
From: Leslie Mikesell <les@Mcs.Net>
Subject: Re: PPP autodetection in faxgetty ?

> Is anyone interested in, or perchance working on, integrating
> auto PPP-detection to faxgetty ?

Yes, I'd like to have this. 

> Current versions of mgetty+sendfax incorporate autodetection of PPP
> with a rather simple chunk of code:

I suspect you could just run mgetty as the 'data' getty for HylaFAX
and make it happen if you can coax mgetty to not hang up and
reset the modem.  Or paste the autodetect code into getty_ps, but
these would be Linux-specific.

> I've been thinking of hacking this into the flexfax front end for a while
> now but it hasn't been happening.  I thought I'd check if there's any
> broad interest, nearly-completed code, etc...  

Same here but I don't see much chance of finding time to do it.  It
seems like it should be pretty simple to emulate the rest of getty
if you assume you don't need any of the speed-switching cruft.

> I'd probably do the hack a bit differently if there was a chance of it
> becoming part of the dist. than if I was just crufting my own faxgetty :)

Actually I'd like something slightly more warped... I'd like a front
end that could optionally run 'slirp' in ppp mode instead of pppd.
Slirp is a user-level slip and ppp emulator that doesn't require any
IP address or routing setup.  You connect with a normal client but
outbound connections use only the host's address.  The catch is
that you have to log in first to use it.  I'd like something to
make it work with a PAP-capable dialer without scripting.  That is,
detect PPP frames, accept the PAP login/password and check against
the passwd file, then start slirp as the specified user.

Les Mikesell

Date: Wed, 4 Dec 96 17:53:16 EST
From: <>
Subject: Re: PPP autodetection in faxgetty ?

Les, the simple way to start up PPP is to have your .cshrc or .profile
detect if the dialup is happening on a modem line (by checking the
serial port in use, for example), and having it start up SLIRP or a
ppp-login script. This is exactly how I suggest doing in the
INSTALL-sunos...  notes.

			Nico Garcia
			Engineer, CIRL 
			Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary

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