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What percentage of your faxes succeed?


We are running a 4.0pl2 on Redhat 5.2 linux send only production environment
with a daily average of about 700 faxes and 5500 total pages.  The
destinations are to paying clients, which is to say their equipment and fax
numbers should be better than average.  For a recent 12 day period, we had a
94.9% success rate.  

About 2 percentage points of the 5.1 % faiulures are due to "Can not open
document file" which seems to be a bug or characteristic of HylaFAX which I
don't understand.  One gentleman suggested that these failures are due to
the default kill time of 1 day and can be remedied with "-k now +7 days"
added to the sendfax command line.

The balance are for all other reasons.

I have been asked to investigate alternative FAX solutions for reasons I
won't get into here, but my gut feeling is that faxing doesn't get much
better than this 95% figure.

What are your performance figures?  If people send me their figures
directly, I will post a summary to the list.

Can anyone point me to any hard data to support my hypothesis?


Jonathan Mau

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