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Re: [hylafax-users] Received faxes not shown in faxstat -r

Francesc Guasch <frankie@etsetb.upc.es> writes:

> I've searched this in the mail archives. If I can find this issue
> searching for another topic please let me know.
> Anyway here's the story:
> I got an older beta running with some problems , I just upgraded to
> the latest and I added faxconfig PercentGoodLines 100.

That's wrong! Leave PercentGoodLines as it is (default is 95%, if I
remember this right). Having set PercentGoodLines to 100 you have disabled
receving faxes with even single broken scan line! (very usual situation,
especially on the noisy telco lines).

When I told about quality control ("copy quality correction" would be more
accurate term), I meant completely different parameters. Are you using
Class 2/2.0 modem? If so, do the following:

1. Tell Hylafax that your modem does not have CQ capabilities by

Class2CQQueryCmd:       "!(0),(0)"

This way server will do CQ itself and will reencode every received
page. Thus your TIFFs will be always correct (although visible errors still
will be there). You can also add

RecvDataFormat:         "2-D MMR"

to force Hylafax to use G4 compression -- better compression scheme,
well supported by Kodak/Wang Imaging for Windows. But this parameter is


2. Enable CQ in your modem. But note that most Class2/2.0 modems only
support CQ checking (useless for you), not correction. If you like this way
(I don't like it :-)), open you modem's manual and find there necessary CQ
command (usually something like AT+FCQ=2). Then add

Class2CQCmd:            "<command that you've found there>"

*Theoretically* now your modem should do CQ correction itself.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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