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Re: [hylafax-users] New problem with Macs/MacFlex/SDFax(now4.1beta)

on 24/8/00 2:48 am, Lee Howard at hylafax@deanox.com wrote:

> Andreas, Iain, hylafax.in,v 1.4 2000/06/05 is the current CVS version.  I'm
> guessing that there is some alteration below that is different that causes
> SNPP to not be started?  Could you indicate what those changes are, and I
> will include it in the HylaFAX HOW-TO.
> Thanks.
> Lee Howard

It's only a small change - here's the output of "diff".

<             $HFAXD -i $FAXPORT
>             $HFAXD -i $FAXPORT -o $OLDFAXPORT
<             printf " hfaxd (without old protocol or SNPP support)"
>             printf " hfaxd (without SNPP support)"


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