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[hylafax-users] [hylafax-devel] !!! USR/3COM modems and the latest CVS !!!

I've just committed "endless RTN bug" related fixes. Unfortunately after
that USR/3COM modems in Class 2.0 won't work with default config settings!
USR firmware contains a bug in Class 2.0 implementation which was
compensated by the similar bug in Hylafax itself (causing endless RTN for
other modems, especially Zyxel). If you are still going to use these buggy
USRs for faxing :-), you *must* add the following line to your config:

Class2SendRTC:  yes

All above is only Class 2.0 related. USR's operation in Class 1 (and in
Class2, if there are Class2-capable USRs) is not affected.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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