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[hylafax-users] May be FAQable: Using textfmt with Aladdin Ghostscript

Here's a hint; might be worthy of taking up into the FAQ
(cf. question 210)

Disclaimer: I have no extensive knowledge of Postscript or
even Ghostscript; I just had to "fix things" so that they
worked for me. Here's the story:

Instead of using GNU Ghostscript, I'm using Aladdin Ghostscript
6.01 directly from the distribution e.g. http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/

No additional font packages have been installed. 

Running textfmt, one gets the error "No font metric for Courier".

Not to panic...

1) Edit /usr/local/lib/fax/hyla.conf (you may have to create the file)
   so that it contains at least this (note that the directories below
   are created by the 'out of box distribution'. These may vary 
   depending on the arguments you passed to Ghostscript 'configure'):

----8<----------------8<---------cut here---------------
# Where is the file called "Fontmap" (sic)?
FontMap:  /usr/share/ghostscript/6.01/lib

# Where are the AFM files?
FontPath: /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts
----8<----------------8<---------cut here---------------

2) cd /usr/share/ghostscript/6.01/lib

   Here we have a file called 'Fontmap', but its contents are:

----8<----------------8<---------cut here---------------
% See Fontmap.GS for the syntax of real Fontmap files.
(Fontmap.GS) .runlibfile
----8<----------------8<---------cut here---------------

   This won't do. We have to rename the Fontmap.GS file:

3) mv Fontmap Fontamp.SAV
   mv Fontamp.GS Fontmap

Now one can run 'textfmt' without trouble.

							-- Cheers

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