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Re: [hylafax-users] AT+FAP?

At 12:18 PM 11/19/00 +0100, Joachim Gaertner wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I have installed an working HylaFAX-Server running with faxgetty and an
>ELSA Microlink 56k modem on my computer. When I'm sending a facsimile, the
>command "AT+FAP" is send to the modem, which returns an "ERROR"-message.
>The modem knows the command "AT+FAP=?", which returns (0,1),(0,1),(0,1).
>My question is where this command is defined? I can't find it in my
>config.modem file. Even if I edit this file with
>Class2APCmd:		""
>Class2APQueryCmd:	AT+FAP=?
>the ERROR still exists.
>Can anybody help me with this? And does anybody know what the FAP-command

See http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2000-08/msg00323.html

By setting Class2APCmd: "" you aren't doing anything other than the default
in this particular case.  Do something like Class2APCmd: AT


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