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Re: [hylafax-users] Voice Modems/Software.

At 01:43 PM 11/23/00 -0500, David Ronis wrote:

>Can anyone give me some hints as to 1) is this modem likely to work?
>2) what other software do I need (e.g., mgetty); and 3) How do I marry
>mgetty to hylafax/faxgetty?  
>Pointers to relevant documentation would be most appreciated.

My guess is that as long as the modem supports voice/fax/data, then the
answer regarding the functionality of the modem is yes.  But I cannot be
certain as I have not tested the modem myself.

You need (separate) gettys to handle voice, fax, and data.  I'm assuming
that you'll be using HylaFAX faxgetty for the fax getty.  I've used vgetty
(in the mgetty-sendfax package) successfully for voice answering.  My
experience with data connections is limited, but I believe that mgetty does
the trick.

If you use the entire mgetty-sendfax package there will be conflicts
between it and HylaFAX.  If using RedHat, the mgetty-voice (which contains
vgetty) RPM alone, does not conflict.

You may need to compile HylaFAX from source so as to specify these gettys
during configure or to prevent conflicts.  (Maybe this can also be set up
in the config file later, too.)  Generally the preference on this list is
for faxgetty to answer all of the calls and to hand non-fax calls off, but
theoretically it could be done by any getty handling the call and then
sending appropriate calls to the appropriate gettys.

For reference, read:

'man config' : AdaptiveAnswer, AnswerRotary, AnswerBias, GettyArgs,
LockDataCalls, LockVoiceCalls, RingData, RingFax, RingVoice, VGettyArgs,
ModemAnswer*Cmd, ModemSetupAACmd
http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2000-11/msg00141.html (see the last paragraph)

Note that I have not attempted setting up a voice/fax/data-receiving system
before, and although it may seem that I have an idea of how to do it... I
may be wrong.  That's my disclaimer.


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