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Re: [hylafax-users] faxcover commentsX

At 04:04 PM 12/8/00 -0800, Bill Young wrote:

>I was having a devil of a time getting the comments to work as well.
>I ended up with the following that worked on the old beta.  I'm sure
>this could be optimized (I'm not a postscript expert).
.... [snipped postscript code]
>This worked for me until I started using the CVS code.  Then it stopped
>working (blank comments).  Due to this and the fact that you can't fill in
>the "from" information from the command line, I ultimately ended up giving
>up on this and just built the coversheet with an external program and
>gave it to sendfax (instead of using all of the command line parameters).

Thanks.  I ended up creating the coverpage in tgif and then edited the
Latex/EPS export file, changing the appropriate (words) to variables,
excepting comments, and then I ended the document with this:

/Courier findfont 11 scalefont setfont
/rule (___________________________________________________________________)
/y 252 def /x 72 def
y -15 50 { x exch M rule S } for
rule stringwidth pop 20 x y comments BreakIntoLines


This is very similar to what is used by the default faxcover.ps file, as
well as what was suggested yesterday by David Ronis.  It is also vaguely
similar to the suggestion in the faxcover manpage.

I seem to believe that there has been a somewhat recent change with
faxcover which has either broken or discontinued the use of commentsX - at
least, that's the way it appears.

As for the lack of "from" coverpage variables, I, too, have been
disappointed by their absence.  Interestingly, the faxcover manpage seems
to indicate initially that they are an option, as it lists from-company,
from-location, from-voice-number, and from-fax-number among the list of
valid "dictionary symbols".  So, I have created a patch which enables the
passing of these variables to faxcover and to sendfax.  See:



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