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Re: [hylafax-users] "Simple" (I hope) send problem

AAAARRRGH !! I GOT IT - Great can go to bed now !! :):):)

Sound advice Lee - back to "basics"

I reviewed the changes I had made to config.site.
These included my own customisations for the locations of the TIFF stuff:
> LIBTIFF="-L/opt/tiff/lib -ltiff"      # linkage convention for libtiff
> TIFFINC="/opt/tiff/include"           # place to find tiffio.h
> TIFFBIN="/opt/tiff/bin"               # where TIFF tools live

These directories were not world readable/accessable.
When I made them world readable(+rx) (I guess readable by uucp may have
done) - the problem was fixed :)

Still a bit poor that HylaFAX didnt give a more meaningfull error message -
and that there wasnt any way to force it to do so either.

Never mind, Im happy now.

Thanks again Lee.


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At 12:35 AM 1/11/01 -0000, Richard Jamieson wrote:
>Yes - just been through threads etc - cant see anything relevant.
>Never been this stuck before with open-source.

You haven't been around enough, then.  I've run into walls that were
dead-ends and had to wait months to see a fix produced... if the package
wasn't dead already.

>What do I do now - can I log a bug or something ?

You could log a bug into Bugzilla, but what's the bug to log?  You really
need to find a specific problem.  Right now, as I understand it, the
problem is that it won't queue the faxes... but how do we know that it's
not related to your configuration?

I think that you should try each step manually - i.e. use faxq directly, or
hfaxd directly, to see what the situation is.  When I approach a problem,
and I seem to be the only one with this problem, then my first assumption
is that I should start from the basics and review what is unique about my
system that is causing the difference.

>Otherwise I guess I have to look at another package I suppose - any
>recommendations ?

After looking at mgetty-sendfax, qfax, efax, and a couple of commercial
packages, I went with HylaFAX.  Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I think I made a
good decision.  You'll likely be happy if you stick through this to find
the problem.



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