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Re: [hylafax-users] send queue limits

At 07:20 PM 1/23/01 -0800, Jon Kelly wrote:
>I've noticed that when ever I send over a 1,000 fax's they don't seem to
>finish.  At first I thought is was a drive space issue, replaced the
>sendq drive with a 12 Gig drive used only for sendq.
>But still if I send fax's, I only get 300 to 400, not the 3 to 4
>thousand I'm expecting.
>When I send these fax's I use a shell script that take's the fax numbers
>from a list, and used the designated document (which is a saved post
>script file.).

Sounds like you've got a KillTime problem.  See 'man config'

While you're there, take a look at MaxDials, MaxTries, and NoCarrierRetrys.

HylaFAX doesn't think ahead very well when it gets a ton of faxes to
process all at once.  You can do a number of things to help things along.
One of them would be to increase KillTime.  The other would be to schedule
outbound faxes in groups of 5 or so every 5-minutes or so, which should
provide adequate time for the number of faxes to be sent before the next
group wakes up and decides to go.  You could also get more fax lines and
more modems and make sure that the queued faxes are alternating the chosen
outbound modem.


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