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Re: [hylafax-users] log error deciphering?

At 11:18 PM 1/28/01 -0800, Wilmes, Rusty wrote:

>If I perform a 'sendfax -d rusty@8375699 /etc/smb.conf '  only  the cover
>page comes throught (exciting in itself) and I get the following at the tail
>of the log.
>Jan 28 23:56:36.61: [  962]: SENT 13019 bytes of data
>Jan 28 23:56:36.61: [  962]: SEND 1D RTC
>Jan 28 23:56:36.61: [  962]: <-- data [9]
>Jan 28 23:56:36.61: [  962]: SEND end page
>Jan 28 23:56:36.61: [  962]: SEND send MPS (more pages, same document)
>Jan 28 23:56:36.61: [  962]: <-- data [2]
>Jan 28 23:57:02.14: [  962]: --> [7:+FHS:52]
>Jan 28 23:57:02.14: [  962]: REMOTE HANGUP: No response to MPS repeated 3
>times (code 52)

One thing that you can do is to increase the logging sensitivity, which may
shed new light on the problem.  In your config file
(/var/spool/fax/etc/config.ttySx) change the ServerTracing and
SessionTracing settings to 0xFFF, which is a debugging value that you may
want to turn back down afterwards.  The logs should show more information
by that point.

But... as for the "No response to MPS repeated 3 times" error...

This means that HylaFAX sent the first page and now is sending MPS (More
Pages to Send) and is not getting an understood response back from the
remote fax machine.  It's possible that if HylaFAX just went ahead and
started sending the next page without an MPS repsonse that all would go
well.  If I remember correctly from some of Dmitry's old mails, some fax
machines out there exhibit this behavior.  I know that he had fixed many of
these types of problems in Class 1, although there still are known issues
(see: http://bugs.hylafax.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52).  Why HylaFAX
doesn't just go ahead and send the next page without an MPS response when
it's not getting it is debatable.

So, since you're using the newest HylaFAX source, it comes down to this: 1)
either there's a problem with your modem config file (generally this is not
the case if the modem was detected automatically by faxaddmodem and a
prototype file was used), 2) there's a problem with HylaFAX communicating
with this specific remote fax, or 3) there is a serious malfunction in the
remote fax.

Possibility 1 can be eliminated by trying to fax to various different
remote fax numbers.  You're welcome to fax me for testing purposes, if you
like: 435 755 0959.  Possibility 3 can be eliminated by sending a
multi-page fax to that machine via some method other than HylaFAX.

I'll make the assumption that we're talking about case 2 here.  Which means
that you may want to try using Class 1 if you're using Class 2/2.0 or
vice-versa.  If that doesn't work, then you may want to try a different
modem.  If that doesn't work, then I hope that you don't need to fax to
that particular machine very often with HylaFAX.  What you should do at
that point is send a mail to the list with a full log of a failed fax
(SessionTracing at 0xFFF) and then provide as much information about the
environment as possible (i.e. the type of remote fax machine, make, model,
etc.).  Hopefully someone with enough C++ and fax protocol know-how will
pitch in and help then.


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