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Re: [hylafax-users] require modified faxrcvd

At 01:57 PM 2/5/01 +0800, johngloh wrote:
>I would like to apprecieate if there is anyone who had a modified copy
>of faxrcvd script  that can sort in-bound
>fax according to the device id to some other folder instead of   /recvq.

I haven't done this before, but since your repetition of this has stirred
my sympathy...

Look at bin/faxrcvd.  The invocation syntax is this:

# faxrcvd file devID commID error-msg

which means that $2 is your beloved device ID to use in the script.  Later
on, faxrcvd seems to name this $DEVICE.

Unfortunately for your desires, the file is *already* stored in recvq
*before* faxrcvd is invoked.  Which means that you'll need to modify
faxgetty or faxmodem... or change your game plan a bit.

So looking at the default faxrcvd, you could add this around line 72...

NEWFILE=`echo $FILE | sed 's/recvq/recvq_$DEVICE/g'`;

and then configure your system and HylaFAX client to handle things


>In multiple com port environment, perhaps 4 serial ports were used to
>receive in-bound fax.
>Instead of  allowing all in-bound fax to goto /recvq, a modified faxrcvd
>script is needed to transfer those in coming fax to other new directory
>eg. recvq_ttyS1, recvq_ttyS2, recvq_ttyS3.
>Or, is there any other idea to accomplish this task ?
>Thank you very much.

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