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The Developer's Sandbox

Occasionally referred to as a poster-child of the open-source development model, the HylaFAX™ developer community is always looking for new recruits. Don't be scared, you're welcome to lurk until you feel comfortable! If you're looking to become involved on any level, you should definitely subscribe to to the hylafax developers mailing list.

Please note. The HylaFAX™ developers list is a subscriber-only list. You must subscribe first before posting.

Reporting Bugs

Faithful to our open-source bias, HylaFAX™ bugs are tracked using Bugzilla, a product of the Mozilla Project. Please do your best to make sure you've really found a bug, and then file it on the HylaFAX™ Bugzilla, located at:
To confirm a bug one should first check the mailing list archives for other reports of this issue (and possible resolution) and then post to the developers mailing list (described above).

Security-related bugs should be reported to security@hylafax.org in order to avoid exploitation of the problem before it can be publicly resolved.


HylaFAX™ development is controlled by CVS. Read-access is open to all, although write access is not. Unless you're doing a large amount of coding, it is suggested that you post proposed patches and explanations of them on the hylafax-devel mailing list.

HylaFAX™ is currently being maintained on a public CVS server. An up to date copy of the hylafax source tree can be easily obtained by accessing the server as follows:

  • Browsing:

    The latest source code changes can be viewed at anytime from the following url:
  • Downloading:

    To do this you need to:
    1. Grab a recent copy of the cvs software(client software is sufficient). The latest version can be obtained from the cyclic website:
    2. Set the CVSROOT environment variable to

    3. Run the command:

      cvs login
      Enter the password string which is simply "cvs"

    4. To checkout the distribution, run the command:

      cvs co hylafax
    5. Whenever you want to merge with the latest code changes:
      cvs update -d -P
  • Commands:

    Some cvs commands that may be of use:

    loginlogin to the cvs server
    get/checkoutdownloads a local copy of the requested module
    updatebring your wrking directory up to datec with the repository
    addadds a new file to the repositroy, requires write access
    commitapply local changes to the repositroy, requires write access
    diffshows differences between local files and repository
    historyshows reports on commands against the cvs repository
    logshows cvs log information
    rdiffused to prepare a diff file between releases
    statusshows current status if files in repository and local copies
    tagapplies a tag to the repository, requires write access

Last updated $Date: 2003/11/03 22:31:33 $.

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