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Another Sendmail Mangling for HylaFAX faxmail

Please see faxmail(1) for more specific and better information.

We managed to get the mail to fax gateway running by following the 
instructions on de HylaFax site:

They talk about a file where you can find more instructions about the 
configuration. We couldn't find the file on our own system but a helpfull 
person on the mailing list sent us the file.
See this file.

After following the instructions in the file (sendmail.cf editing) we could 
send email that had to be faxed to an address like

Only one problem: that's an address with a random host. We can't figure out 
how the network can route all e-mails to the faxserver so the mail will only 
be delivered if sent on the faxserver. We solved this problem by doing some 
further editing of the sendmail.cf (after reading some chapters in a 
sendmailbook) to create our own faxaddress of the form

Extra line for the sendmail.cfin ruleset S0:
R$+.FAX<@$+>		$1<@$2.FAX>

Addresses of the specified form will be rewritten to the format of HylaFax ( 
line must come before edited line from HylaFax in ruleset S0).
This way the hostname is known by the network and all e-mails will be faxed.

Jan and Peter ens_siem@hotmail.com

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