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1. Introduction

Is HylaFAX the package you're looking for?

  • Do you need to send faxes from or receive faxes on a computer?
  • Do you need to have multiple users, platforms, and operating systems submit faxes to a common line?
  • Do you need incoming fax delivery to be done by e-mail?
  • Do you need to have remote clients submit faxes to the fax server, possibly by e-mail?
  • Do you need logging or archiving of all faxes?
  • Do you need a fax system that is robust enough to handle multiple lines and thousands of faxes without ''crashing''?
  • Do you need the same document faxed to many different recipients automatically?
  • Do you need to do other things while a fax is being sent?

If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then HylaFAX is the solution. Its open source nature and dedicated following provide for a flexible, customizable, and tested package, while basic and simple faxing needs can be met easily and quickly.

1.1 General HylaFAX Use

Most HylaFAX users have configured HylaFAX on a standalone server to both send and receive faxes for an existing workgroup of computers. Often, incoming faxes will be delivered by e-mail to a receptionist of sorts who routes those faxes to the intended recipients. HylaFAX also supports automated routing methods, such as routing based on DID/DNIS, caller ID, port/line, or other fax information. HylaFAX is often configured to handle outgoing faxes from a number of different computers and users. This saves them time, and there's no more waiting at the fax machine while a fax completes, either. Outbound faxes can be received by the server in a large number of different ways: popularly, by direct communication with the server or also by e-mail.

Many HylaFAX administrators take good advantage of the system's logging and reporting mechanisms. HylaFAX can be configured to give descriptive reports of all faxes and/or summaries of fax logs for any period of time.

Common coverpage customization allows for every fax to quickly relay standard information regarding the fax service, and unique information regarding the sender and recipient.

1.2 HylaFAX Capabilities

All of the following features are possible with HylaFAX (although not all may be detailed in this document):

  • Fax Broadcasting (sending an identical fax to multiple recipients)
  • Fax-to-Email Gateway (receiving faxes by e-mail attachments)
  • Email-to-Fax Gateway (sending faxes by e-mail attachments)
  • Fax Distribution and Fax Routing (delivering faxes automatically)
  • Automatic printing of any fax
  • Sending Alpha-Numeric Pages
  • Polled Retrieval of Facsimile

1.3 About This Document

The purpose of this HOW-TO is to provide the reader with a complete and brief tutorial on the implementation of most common HylaFAX features. It is not intended to be an exhaustive resource for in-depth HylaFAX structure and analysis. It does not intend to replace the man pages. Also, this document is not meant to be an authoritative manual for HylaFAX use. Its intent is simply to show most users how to quickly implement the most popular HylaFAX features.

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