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The source distribution comes in a compressed tar file. To extract the software do something like:
    % zcat <somewhere>/v3.0beta099-tar.Z | tar xf -
(uncompress and extract individual files). The software is almost entirely written in C++. If you do not have a working C++ compiler and associated libraries for your machine, check here for information on obtaining GNU gcc and libg++.

NOTE: If you plan to use GNU gcc to build the software, you must use version 2.6.1 or newer. gcc 2.6.3 and libg++ 2.6.2 are the current recommended versions of the GNU tools to use, though newer versions should also work.

To build and install executables from the sources check the the section on system-specific guidance for any known problems, then do the following:

    % ./configure # see above % make % su # NB: installation must be done by the super-user # make install
If you have problems building the software consult the complete documentation on building the software and the HylaFAQ.

To complete the installation you may need to install one or more of the following:

  • Ghostscript or the Display PostScript-based PostScript interpreter that is supplied in binary form for Silicon Graphics machines. There is information on obtaining and setting up Ghostscript and information on obtaining the ps2fax program . If you use Ghostscript, do not forget to get the fonts!
  • If you are using Ghostscript you may also need to install Adobe Font Metric files; these should have been automatically configured for installation if they were not found on the system where the build took place.

Once you have the software installed, see the chapter on Server Setup and Basic Configuration to understand how to complete the installation procedure.

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Last updated $Date: 2002/05/02 22:02:58 $.

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