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choptest(8C) for testing Page chopping
cid(5F) Caller ID access control list
cqtest(8C) for testing copy quality
destctrls(5F) per-destination control for HylaFAX servers
dialrules(5F) dial string processing rules
dialtest(8C) dial string processing rules test program
doneq(8C) processed job description directory
fax2ps(1) for converting facsimile to POSTSCRIPT
faxabort(8C) abort any active receive operation
faxaddmodem(8C) shell script that does the necessary setup work to configure a modem
faxadduser(8C) add a fax user to the permissions file
faxalter(1) for altering queued jobs
faxanswer(8C) tell the facsimile server to answer the telephone
faxconfig(8C) dynamically change configuration parameters
faxcover(1) for generating cover sheets
faxcron(8C) routine maintenance script
faxdeluser(8C) delete a fax user from the permissions file
faxgetty(8C) modem control and response program
faxinfo(8C) print information about a received facsimile
faxmail(1) for converting email to POSTSCRIPT
faxmodem(8C) dynamically add a modem
faxq(8C) the queue manager process
faxqclean(8C) processes completed jobs and removes unreferenced document files
faxquit(8C) tell the server to terminate
faxrcvd(8C) notification script for received facsimile
faxrm(1) for removing queued jobs
faxsend(8C) facsimile transmit program
faxsetup(8C) script to do the necessary setup work
faxstat(1) for facsimile server status
faxstate(8C) control "modem state" of a device used by server
faxwatch(8C) monitor low-level HylaFAX server actions
hfaxd(8C) client-server protocol server
hosts.hfaxd(5F) HylaFAX client access control list ~ this is not the same as your system file /etc/hosts
hylafax-client(1) introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage
hylafax-config(5F) HylaFAX configuration database
hylafax-info(5F) remote device capability database
hylafax-log(5F) directory of logging/tracing information
hylafax-server(5F) introduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats
hylafax-shutdown(5F) server shutdown control file
mkcover(8C) continuation cover page generation command
notify(8C) user notification script for outbound facsimiles
pagermap(5F) SNPP pager identifier mapping file
pagesend(8C) IXO/TAP transmit program
pagesizes(5F) page size database
pdf2fax(8C) for converting PDF to TIFF/F fax format
pollrcvd(8C) script for delivering facsimile received by polling
ps2fax(8C) for converting POSTSCRIPT to TIFF/F fax format
recvq(5F) received facsimile document format
recvstats(8C) print statistics for transmitted faxes
sendfax(1) for sending facsimile
sendpage(1) for sending alpha-numeric pages
sendq(5F) outward bound job description directory
sgi2fax(1) SGI image file converter
status(5F) current status of the HylaFAX server
tagtest(8C) test the "tag line" support
textfmt(1) ASCII text converter
tiff2fax(8C) convert TIFF images to TIFF Class F
tiffcheck(8C) check TIFF for HylaFAX conversion requirements
tsi(5F) Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI) access control list
tsitest(8C) check TSI access control list
typerules(5F) file type and conversion rules
wedged(8C) command script when modem becomes stuck
xferfaxlog(5F) activity log for both inbound and outbound calls
xferfaxstats(8C) print statistics for transmitted faxes

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