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Section: Misc. Reference Manual Pages (5F)
Updated: January 18, 1996
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etc/shutdown - server shutdown control file  


If the file etc/shutdown is present it describes when a HylaFAX server is to be shutdown and may contain a descriptive message to return to clients explaining the reason for the shutdown. This file is used by the hfaxd(8C) program.

The file has the following format:

<year> <month> <day> <hour> <minute> <deny> <disconnect> <shutdown message text>

The first line defines the date and time the server should be shutdown and the time preceding at which unprivileged clients should be denied service or disconnected; these fields are described in more detail below. Any lines that follow the first are taken as the text of a message to return to clients when notifying them of a scheduled shutdown or when denying them service.

The decimal year; e.g. 1996.
The decimal month; e.g. 10 for October.
The decimal day of the month in the range [1..31].
The decimal hour since midnight; in the range [0..23].
The decimal minute after the hour; in the range [0..59].
The time prior to the shutdown time at which to deny service to unprivileged clients. This value is specified as decimal number in the form HHMM; e.g. 130 for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Time time prior to the shutdown time at which to disconnect unprivileged clients that are logged in to the server. This value is specified as a decimal number in the form HHMM.


This file is typically created using the ``SHUT'' command supported by hfaxd(8C).  


hfaxd(8C), hylafax-server(5F)




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