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Please note : The recent patch program version 2.5 has a different default behaviour from the traditional patch we have all grown up with.
Instructions in each of the patch files below mostly relate to the older versions and so may have to be amended for use with the new version.
Compatibility is available through the following options :
patch -bp0 --verbose < a_diff_file.patch
For further details, I suggest the Patch for Beginners article in Issue 32 of the Linux Gazette.

Beta The patches marked with this symbol are either part of the current pre-release CVS source or are being considered for commital to it. All other patches listed here are for convenience in updating or fixing old releases and providing non-standard or experimental functionality.

hylafax-4.0pl2-4.1beta1.patch.bz2 Patch to update 4.0pl2 source to 4.1beta1 (in bzip2 compression).
hylafax-4.1beta1-4.1beta2.patch.bz2 Patch to update 4.1beta1 source to 4.1beta2 (in bzip2 compression).
hylafax-4.1beta2-4.1beta3.patch.bz2 Patch to update 4.1beta2 source to 4.1beta3 (in bzip2 compression).
fixhtml-patch.sh Shell script that fixes the links in the html documentation at install time.
Submitted by Nico Garcia 7 Feb 98
faxcron-dirs.patch Faxcron was sometimes bothering with minor error messages when grep'ing directories. This diff made it shut up.
Submitted by Tobias Richter 21 Mar 98
faxclient.patch This patch allows specification of the ModemFmt, JobFmt & RcvFmt in the environment. This way the changes in the format string can be made on the fly. It also adds two new options -m and -n, which turn off the server and modem status reports and turn off the headers. This is all designed to make it easier to parse the output.
Submitted by Damian Ivereigh 15 Jul 98.
RAND_MAX.patch This provides a RAND_MAX definition for SunOS, which does not have it defined in its include files.
Submitted by Nico Kadel-Garcia 22 Oct 99
v34-v1.patch Experimental patch to add new V34 fax capability to HylaFAX. Hardware with V34 fax protocol is not available yet.
Submitted by Guillaume Legoupil 14 Mar 00
tiff-3.5-interfaces.patch Patch to HylaFAX so that it works with tiff 3.5. Patch applied in 4.1beta3. Left here for the few who still may need 4.1beta2.
Submitted by Robert Colquhoun 22 Mar 00
hfaxd-vulnerability.patch Beta Fixes a vulnerability problem with hfaxd's -p option and causes it to be installed without suid bit set.
Applied by Robert Colquhoun 13 Apr 01
rings-cid-passing.patch Patch which causes CID information received on the first ring to be held and passed-on through other rings. It allows HylaFAX to use CID matching and answer on rings later than the first.
Submitted by Campbell McKilligan 22 Apr 01
hylafax-topmargin.patch Patch to force a specific top margin on faxes. Some remote systems will have trouble receiving faxes without some empty margin at the top.
Submitted by Vyacheslav Frolov 28 Mar 01

Much of HylaFAX development is handled by way of Bugzilla. Many patches can be found there. If you don't find what you're looking for here, then maybe you should try there. http://bugs.hylafax.org/bugzilla/

Date last modified : 14 Apr 2001

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