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HylaFAX™ Support

Is HylaFAX critical to your company's operations? Need to integrate it with your current infrastructure but don't know where to begin? Are you tired of trawling through Google searches and the hylafax-users mailing list archives for the answer to your question? If so, you might want to consider a single-incident or annual support contract, or some of the other commercial support options available these days.

Or perhaps you're looking for a rackmount 24-line T1/digital turnkey solution which supports DID-based inbound routing/processing. Good news, there's help for you there too!

Purchasing commercial support not only keeps "the business" happy, but it helps to pay developers to continue to improve HylaFAX. A list of places to find support, both free and commercial, visit the TechSupport page on the wiki.

"I'm sold ... but how can I convince my company to use HylaFAX™?"

We get that question a lot. Even in an era where open-source projects such as Apache and Sendmail are de-facto standards in mission-critical IT departments, it is still quite difficult for some people to believe that one of the world's most powerful, configurable and stable enterprise fax systems is free for anyone to download. That's why we cobbled together a few of our favorite answers. Perhaps you will find them useful.

  • UNIX - an enterprise-class operating system means better performance, reliability, scalability and disaster recovery.
  • Open-Source - availability of source code means the application can be easily customized/extended to meet local requirements. Easily integrated with other popular open-source software such as Apache/Tomcat, sendmail and BIND.
  • API - open, documented client/server protocol and java API for easy integration with preexisting infrastructure, and development of os-independent client interfaces.
  • ROI - software itself is freely available, dramatically reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Performance - HylaFAX™ was written with performance, scalability and fault-tolerance & recovery in mind, and is designed to schedule jobs intelligently across large banks of modems or logical groups of modems.
  • Sophistication - intelligent job-scheduling algorithm dynamically adjusts to changing conditions, lowering the priority of jobs which are historically more likely to fail, maximizing throughput.
  • Configurability - with nearly 100 tunable server-oriented parameters, and 150 modem-oriented parameters, HylaFAX's behaviour is easily modified.
  • Flexibility - HylaFAX™ behaviour is easily scripted - users can be alerted by e-mail or pager when new faxes arrive. Faxes can be logged, replicated, converted to PDF, or viewed in any office if needed. Third-party OCR software could convert inbound faxes to ASCII, for full-text indexing and searching/retrieval.
  • Maturity - originally engineered at Silicon Graphics, HylaFAX™ (originally flexfax) was first released in 1991, and remains in active development.

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