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This is the table of contents for the documentation included with the HylaFAX software distribution. The directory ftp://ftp.sgi.com/sgi/fax/doc. contains single file versions of this documentation in various formats including HTML and PostScript (suitable for printing). If you are looking for ancillary materials such as the FAQ or mailing list archives, consult the section on supporting materials


  • How to build the software from source code
    The critical chapter to read when working with the source distribution. The information in this chapter may also be useful to folks working with binary distributions.
    • Before You Start
      If you do not read this section before you run configure then you may do extra work and get pretty frustrated.
      • TIFF
      • gcc
      • C++ runtime libraries
      • ghostscript
      • gmake
      • gawk
      • sed
      • /bin/test
      • ps2fax binary for IRIX systems
    • The Build Procedure
      When the software builds without a hitch you can ignore this stuff; but if not be prepared to spend some time reading the fine print.
      • Build Trees
      • Configuration Files
      • Configuring Packages
      • Configuring the HTML Documentation
      • Upgrading From FlexFAX
      • A Sample Configuration Session
      • Configuration Parameters
    • Troubleshooting Build Problems
      Building this software is bulletproof; you'll never need this stuff...right!
    • System-specific Guidance
      Information about pitfalls for specific systems are provided; some of this stuff is just too hard to handle automatically in the normal build support.
  • Building Ghostscript for use with HylaFAX
    Quick help on what to do to create a version of Ghostscript suitable for use as the PostScript Raster Image Processor (RIP) that HylaFAX uses to image outbound facsimile documents.


  • Troubleshooting HylaFAX Problems
    If you have a problem this is where to start. This chapter discusses the facilities provided by HylaFAX for diagnosing problems and gives specific examples of how to use them. There are also comments about the most frequently encountered problems. The material in this chapter is supplemented by the HylaFAX Frequently Answered Questions document (HylaFAQ) which is updated more frequently than this documentation and often contains information relevant to problems with specific distributions.
    • Client Basics
      If you are running a client command line application such as sendfax or faxstat and do not know where to begin then this is the place.
    • Client Access Control Problems
      What to do when a server will not let you in but you think should be allowed. Be sure that basic communication with the server works before trying the advise given here.
    • Server Basics
      Basic information that you need to get started debugging problems that might occur on a server machine. You will find information here about the tracing logs that are the key to understanding server problems.
    • Scheduler Operation
      When the central scheduler will not process your job or it is not doing what you expect read this section.
    • Session Tracing
      An introduction to the session tracing logs maintained for all phone calls serviced by HylaFAX.
    • PostScript Document Preparation
      What to try when you just can not figure out why the PostScript document you submitted for transmission keeps getting rejected.
    • TIFF Document Preparation
      TIFF documents are handled just like PostScript documents; sort of. If something goes wrong sending a TIFF document and you do not understand then look here.
    • Communication Problems
      The most common area of frustration; some guidance and suggestions on what to do when a job does not go through.
    • Getty Problems
      If you encounter problems arranging for inbound data calls to be handled look here.
    • Problems With UUCP, cu, tip, etc.
      When HylaFAX and the normal system programs do not play together you may find this information useful in figuring out what is wrong.
    • Alpha-numeric pager support
      A bit of advise on common problems encountered when using the IXO/TAP or UCP support.


END MATTER HylaFAX overview.
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Last updated $Date: 2002/05/02 22:03:01 $.

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