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The HylaFAX™ Wiki

Click here to visit the HylaFAX Wiki (will open in a new window).

Well great, but what the heck is a Wiki and why might I care???

We're glad you asked! The wiki concept has emerged over the past few years as one of the most simple, yet powerful ways for large groups of people to collaborate and generate richly interlinked content. It allows YOU to become the author and editor, and allows people to contribute to your pages just as easily.

If you still want to know more, check out What Is Wiki for the authoritative history of the WikiWikiWeb.

The HylaFAX wiki is operated by iFAX Solutions, hylafax.org's commercial sponsor. They have chosen to license all content created on the wiki under the 'Creative Commons' licence, which in essence means that anyone can use this content, but if they do, they need to contribute back any additions or improvements they make. Kind of like the GPL of content!!

It might take you a few minutes to get familiar with the way the wiki works, and you do have to register if you actually want to create and/or edit pages, but once you get the hang of it, it really is amazingly easy to generate really useful material.

Once again, in case you missed it, the HylaFAX Wiki is here.

Last updated $Date: 2004/04/30 20:06:36 $.

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