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HylaFAX 6.0.3/4.4.5/4.3.8 releases

The HylaFAX development team is pleased to announce the maintenance
releases of HylaFAX 6.0.3, 4.4.5 and 4.3.8.  These releases are available
from our ftp site:

        ef35bc51a42a47f2aeeac82404b4be34  hylafax-4.3.8.tar.gz
        4e6099aba8edff4256ccc9e59490a92e  hylafax-4.4.5.tar.gz
        7ea1452436f54248dd997982277eaa27  hylafax-6.0.3.tar.gz

        78707002cf33abab08cbe0e9e67b982037367b05  hylafax-4.3.8.tar.gz
        22bdfefe150d77b4ef233c5be22710819e583927  hylafax-4.4.5.tar.gz
        ae1e7bc1f687aa23f45bb987d34c8100e683b42e  hylafax-6.0.3.tar.gz

These releases are maintenance releases, and do not contain any new
features or functionality, but only contain bugfixes:
        * Fix faxq modem Triggers (4.3, 4.4)
        * Solaris/SunWSPro:  Don't use empty array definitions (4.4)
        * Quiet compiler warnings (4.4)
        * hfaxd lockJob() - don't blindly O_CREAT job we're trying to lock
          (4.3, 4.4)
        * hfaxd: Don't update job's last modified time unless it's actually
          successful (4.3, 4.4)
        * faxq: Check TimeOfDate before batching (4.3)
        * faxq: Be more careful in choosing jobs to batch (4.4)
        * hfaxd: Fix RECV_START, RECV_PAGE, RECV_DOC triggers (4.3, 4.4)
        * faxgetty/faxsend: Correct Include config file parsing (4.3, 4.4)
        * Abort receive session on error writing to file (4.4)
        * Bug 902: Fix non-void function without a return (4.4)
        * b64-encode.awk: Fix bug on old SCO awk (4.3, 4.4)
        * Bug 901: mimeencoding bug in templates handling (4.4)
        * POSIX constants can be set to -1 if the functionnality is
          unavailable (4.3, 4.4)
        * configure:  Modern C++ compilers no-longer support the STL <file.h>
          syntax (4.3, 4.4)
        * [etc/ etc/] shell portability fix
          (4.3, 4.4)
        * [pkg/] typo in cron example (4.3, 4.4)
        * configure: Work on deprecated CXX Headers (4.3, 4.4)
        * templates: Update Polish translation (4.4)
        * Remove debugging statements (6.0)
        * Signal handlers need to be careful with errno (4.3, 4.4, 6.0)

All users running a version of 4.3, 4.4 or 6.0 are encouraged to update to
these releases.

Users of older releases should carefully read the release notes, and
consider upgrading.

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