HylaFAX Enterprise

Extend HylaFAX Community Edition with HylaFAX Enterprise

HylaFAX Enterprise

HylaFAX has grown to become one of the world’s most popular fax servers. It’s expanded by adding the features required by enterprise and high volume fax customers.

HylaFAX Enterprise Appliance

The HylaFAX Enterprise Appliance allows users to send faxes from and to email with its desktop client for both Windows and Mac OS, as well as its web interface.

HylaFAX Enterprise AWS

HylaFAX Enterprise AWS is a pre-installed system will allow you to easily install HylaFAX Enterprise on Amazon EC2 and send/receive faxes.

Extend the Power of HylaFAX

Key Features HylaFAX Open Source HylaFAX Enterprise
Fax Over IP (FoIP) / T.38
Easy Applicance-based Installation
Clustering Support
PRI Support
Brooktrout TR1034 Support
Included Web Interface
Email-to-FAX Support Built-in
HylaFSP HylaFSP Windows Client Included
TIFF, PDF, Text File Support
Microsoft Office Doc and Excel File Support
SQL Database Integration
Standard Reporting Capabilities
Advanced Reporting Capabilities
Built-in Barcode Reading Support
Advanced scheduling algorithm for least cost routing, priority scheduling and more
Routing methods include DID, DTMF, by device and others
Commercial Support