Download HylaFAX

Download HylaFAX ver 6.0.7 Community Edition

HylaFAX Community Edition is freely available under copyright in complete source form.

What are the differences between HylaFAX Community Edition and HylaFAX Enterprise?

HylaFAX Community Edition was born to expand the functionality of the standalone fax machine by bringing efficiencies to the business place. Soon requirements of mission critical fax applications and platforms were needed and available only through commercial enhancements and support.

Additional Resources

Binary Packages

Various binary packages are available for HylaFAX. They are currently available in two places, and this website. You should look at the Binary Packages page first as it contains more packages than are available on the FTP site.


HylaFAX development is controlled by Git. Read-access is open to all, although write access is not. Unless you’re doing a large amount of coding, it is suggested that you post proposed patches and explanations of them on the hylafax-devel mailing list. See Source below.

Related Software

Over the years a diverse community has grown up around HylaFAX, producing many applications that work with a HylaFAX server.

Source Code

HylaFAX is currently being maintained on a public Git server. An up to date copy of the HylaFAX source tree can be easily obtained by accessing the server as follows:

* Browsing:

The latest source code changes can be viewed at anytime from the following url:

* Downloading:

To do this you need to:

1. Grab a recent copy of the Git software(client software is sufficient). Many UNIX distributions include git, and the latest version can always be obtained from:

2. To checkout the distribution, run the command:

  • git clone git://

3. Whenever you want to merge with the latest code changes: git pull

* Commands:

Some Git commands that may be of use:

checkout change to a different branch pull bring your working directory up to date with the repository add adds a new file or changes to existing files to your local repository commit apply (added) changes to your local repository diff shows differences between local files and repository log shows Git log information status shows the working tree status rebase forward-port local commits to the updated upstream head tag applies a tag to your local repository push push local commits to official repository, requires write access.

Security Advisories

Address CVE-2018-17141 and fixes a few vulnerabilities in code supporting JPEG: